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Students of the SAE Intitute Berlin produced this great film for us. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!




Your company Christmas party in the tropics

We connect the magic of Christmas with the rainforest. Enjoy your company Christmas party – with a touch of tropical exotic.

Our flyer contains all basic information. We appreciate your inquiry!

Autumn break program - experimenting in the tropics

October 18 - November 2, 2014 // all-day - hourly

This autumn it’s time for experiments. Children can become researchers in our rain forest school and explore the jungle experimenting.

Our experiments classes start every hour (on the hour!). Tuesdays and Thursday classes don’t take place (the children can visit the holiday camp on those days!)

You can sign up by phone or in the foyer. For every participating kid, we charge 1.20 € plus admission fee.  



holiday camp in the autumn break

October 23th, 28th, 30th in the autumn break // 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Our new holiday camp take place every Tuesday and Thursday during the autumn break. Children in the ages of 6-13 years explore the jungle of the Biosphere Potsdam in groups. They will participate in an interesting round tour through the rain forest, which will last several hours.
They will watch our animal care takers feed the animals. Using all their senses, they will learn a lot about the rain forest and how to protect it.
During a tea and lunch break the children can rest and do handicrafts.

The groups consist of min. five children and max. fifteen children.
Registration is required.



Mural for touching, discovering and listening

Our children’s corner in the Café Tropencamp has been newly designed. A mural about the rainforest, with many nicely designed animals invites our small visitors to touch it, discover it and listen to it, during which mum and dad can relax at the forest pond.

The mural was created by the Atelier Jargendal, Potsdam, under the direction of Bettina Meyer.



Project: "Lernen durch Engagement"

Biosphäre GSE

On October 1st, pupils from the “Oberlinschule” and “Oberschule Pierre de Coubertin” visited the Biosphere. In line with the GSE – project “Lernen durch Engagement” (Learning through becoming involved) the young people showed how important environmental protection is to them. With creativity and a lot of effort they created a collage, which shows the litter pollution in the ocean. As of right now, the collage can be seen in the Biosphere Potsdam.


Opening of the exhibition “Aquasphere III” on September, 8th 2014

On September, 8th, the third part of the Aquasphere exhibition was opened. After looking at the mangroves in the tropical coastal waters and travelling to the depths of the oceans, we take a closer look at the relationship between plants, animals and humans in the ocean. The latter is one of the greatest threats for this balance, but can also contribute to its protection.

This completes the new underwater world in the Biosphere and invites to be astonished.

A school class from Potsdam was the first one to discover and experience the third part of the Aquasphere!



Invitation to all first graders

 The Biosphere Potsdam invites all first grades to visit the Biosphere Potsdam for free! Just print the voucher and hand it in at the pay desk of the Biosphere Potsdam. The voucher is valid from August 25 up to and including November 11, 2014.

By handing in this voucher one first grader per paying adult (11.50 €, reduced 9.80 €) receives free admission.

Download the voucher here.




Josch's new wall calendars!

Our new wall calenders for the up-coming school year 2014/2015 are available as of now. Josch goes on a journey in the depths of the sea and meets a lot of his animal friends.
Josch already handed over to first copies to the Potsdamer Kinderclub ”Einsteinkids”.
If you also want a copy of the pretty calendars, you can send an email to Josch at
frosch@biosphaere-potsdam.de and Josch will send you one for free.

By the way: you can order them for your family and friends, too!