Tropical experience in the middle of Potsdam

Get a 360 ° panoramic view of the Biosphäre Potsdam. 

With 5000 m² of rainforest variety is guaranteed. In the Biosphäre Potsdam you can take a journey of exploration, which leads you right in the middle of the colorful diversity of the tropical forests.

Our changing special exhibitions, events, and several topical guided tours let you discover a new side of the Biosphäre Potsdam every time you are visiting. Our gastronomical offers make a perfect addition to your trip.

Furthermore we are the right contact, if you are planning an exceptional private or corporate event, or a kid’s birthday party, that everyone will remember.


Rain Forest in the Biosphere Potsdam

The most beautiful tropical plants of the world can be seen in the Biosphäre Potsdam. You can discover and explore orchids, epiphytes, bromeliads and many other species of plants. With temperatures between 23°C and 28°C and a high air humidity of almost 80 %, there is an everlasting summer in the tropical hall.

Yet you can also experience the changes in the tropical daytime climate – there is an hourly thunderstorm and it rains over the forest pond.


Aquasphere in the Biosphere Potsdam

Our rainforest is home to not only thousands of plants but also a variety of different animals.

Reptiles and amphibians crawl through branches in their terrarium, insects climb from twig to twig, and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the insect from the plant.

Birds fly through the air in the tropical hall, sit in the treetops and chirp.

In the special exhibition “Aquasphäre” mudskippers hop through the mangrove woods and clownfish swim around their coral reefs.

Don’t miss out the butterfly house where you are surrounded by beautiful tropical butterflies.