Important: Potsdam Biosphere closes until April 19, 2020

Like many other facilities in the city, the Potsdam Biosphere will remain closed from Friday, March 13, 2020 through April 19, 2020. All events are canceled too! We will contact the respective contact person directly for booked events.

Aquasphere - from the jungle to the blue world of the oceans

Go diving during your round trip in the tropics! Inmidst of the Biosphäre Potsdam jungle a submarine is waiting for you to discover the depths of the sea.


When we hear “tropics” we mainly think about vast green rain forests. But the seas, north and south of the equator are tropical too! The life under water is shaped by an extraordinary diversity of species, just like in the forests. 

In this experience exhibition you leave the rain forest, wander through the mangroves on the edges of the continent, half land, half sea. Then you dive into the mysterical deep sea. It is shaped by darkness, but also by the illuminating colorfulness of the deep sea jellyfish and fish. 

While we are connected with this seemingly distant habitat. Men are dependent on the abundance of the oceans, yet they are its greatest threat.

In the aquasphere you experience the sea, from the mangroves to the deep sea. 

We offer a suitable program! Visit the aquasphere, e.g. in a guided tour and discover the secrets of the deep sea. Children can have a birthday party with an exciting excursion through the tropical forests and seas.

Get a 360 ° panoramic view of the Aquasphere.