Koi Feeding

Koifedding for children in Potsdam, special program in the Biosphere Potsdam
Photo: Agentur Kraftstoff

Every day at 12 pm

Originally held by Japanese nobility as a status symbol, the Nishikigoi, or just koi, also proves to be increasingly popular in Europe. Sometimes this breed of carp is up to 60 years old and up to 24 kg heavy. In the forest pond at Café Tropencamp in the Biosphäre Potsdam, in addition to ducks and turtles, there are more than 40 specimens of the Kois. They are looking forward to the lunch time every day.

The team of the Biosphäre Potsdam invites visitors every day at 12 o’clock to a participatory koi feeding under the guidance of a Koi expert.

Meeting point is the forest pond at Café Tropencamp.

Participation is free of charge and already included in the entry. A pre-registration is not required.

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