Programs for groups

Exotic Orchard – discover & taste

Kokosnuss Biosphäre Programme Gruppen

This program is fresh and refreshing at the same time! Become a fruit expert and take an interesting tour through the colorful world of the tropical fruits. The tour includes a vitamin-packed sample of different tropical fruits.

Program: Guided tour: “tropical fruits”, duration 1h incl. samples of different tropical fruits

Bookable: all year

Price:16.50€ per person

Spices Workshop

Gewürzworkshop für Reisegruppen oder Schulklassen
Foto: Fotoart13
Gruppenangebot Gewürzwerkstatt
Foto: Fotoart13

It smells of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom. These spices are home to the rain forests. Get to know plants, seeds and the edible components of each plant in our workshop. Create your own spice mix for your spice chocolates and taste our homemade spice cookies.

Program: spice workshop with a guided tour, information about tropical spices, creation of your own spice mix, duration: 1.5h

Gastronomy: hot lumumba, spice cookies

Bookable: all year

Price: 19.95€ per person

School trip to the Biosphere

Schulklasse bei Tagesausflug

The Biosphere has a lot of great offers for school classes! We connect information and fun, which makes a school trip an unforgettable experience..

This offer is bookable all year.

Learn more about our school programs.

Visit the Biosphere Potsdam – self-guided visit

Familie bei Tagesausflug in die Biosphäre Potsdam


Experience the tropical and fascinating world of the tropical rainforest during a self-guided visit. No long flight is necessary to experience the tropics. A trip to the Biosphere takes you to the green world of the jungle.



Visit the Biosphere Potsdam – guided tour

Reisegruppe in der Biosphäre Potsdam

The rainforest is full of secrets. Discover them step by step during a guided tour with our professional jungle guides. You can choose differently themed guided tours about medical plants of the tropics, tropical spices and crops or about the world of the oceans. As of right now the guided tour “exotic flora and fauna” can be booked in English. You can bring your own translator for the other guided tours.

Breakfast in the tropics

Frühstückstisch Biosphäre Potsdam
Foto: Tina Merkau

Start your visit in Potsdam with a tropical breakfast buffet and enjoy the view across the jungle. Listen to the waterfall and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings with exotic smells and colors. 

Program: self-guided tour

Gastronomy: extensive breakfast buffet with unlimited coffee and tea

Bookable: on weekdays, not on holidays, all year

Lunchbreak in the jungle

Take a break in the jungle of the Biosphere Potsdam enjoy our wonderful lunch buffet. Afterwards you’re invited to relax and discover the jungle.

Program: self-guided tour

Gastronomy: extensive lunch buffet with a cup of coffee/tea, and a bottle of water per table

Bookable: weekdays, not on holidays, all year

Jungle in the Biosphere Potsdam