Biosphere Potsdam - The mystical tropical world, just outside Berlin´s gates

In the center of Potsdam is a place with a holiday-atmosphere 365 days a year – the Biosphere Potsdam. The jungle landscape of the Biosphere with over 20.000 beautiful plants, many exotic animals and an hourly thunderstorm with  thunder and lightning takes you to a world far away. Your journey begins at the waterfall and continues on intertwined paths to the butterfly house and to the high-trail up in the treetops.

Biosphere – ingenious nature | October 15, 2015

Neue Mitmachausstellung für Kinder, Sonderausstellung Thema Bionik, Familienabenteuer in Potsdam

In October there will be a new exciting exhibition in the Biosphere Potsdam.
On your tour through the Biosphere Potsdam many exhibits will disclose secrets of nature. People have discovered these secrets by observing nature and are using them for industry and technology.

Discover the secrets and stroll through the nature of the Biosphere Potsdam with new impressions.