Biosphere Potsdam -
The mystical tropical world, just outside Berlin´s gates


In the center of Potsdam is a place with holiday-mood 365 days a year – the Biosphere Potsdam. The jungle landscape of the Biosphere with its over 20.000 beautiful plants, many exotic animals and an hourly thunderstorm with lightning and thunder takes you to a world far away. Your journey begins at the waterfall and continues on intertwined paths to the butterfly house and to the high-trail up in the treetops.



„Garbage in the sea affects us all“ | June 17,2015 - August 27, 2015

Using the headline “garbage in the sea affects us all” the exhibition shows the effects the garbage from our throw-away society has on the oceans eco system.

Using large-sized exhibition information boards, garbage findings from the sea, video and picture documentaries and many other exhibits, the exhibitions shows the sources of litter pollution of the sea, what the litter pollution is made of, and what each of  us can do to fight the enormous amounts of garbage in the sea.

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