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Biosphere Potsdam -
The mystical tropical world, just outside Berlin´s gates


In the center of Potsdam is a place with holiday-mood 365 days a year – the Biosphere Potsdam. The jungle landscape of the Biosphere with its over 20.000 beautiful plants, many exotic animals and an hourly thunderstorm with lightning and thunder takes you to a world far away. Your journey begins at the waterfall and continues on intertwined paths to the butterfly house and to the high-trail up in the treetops.



Autumn holiday program

October 18th to November 2nd 2014

All kids can experience something great in the autumn holidays. Daily (except Tuesday and Thursday) our holiday program “experiments in the tropics” is taking place. Here the children will get to know the tropics underneath a microscope.

On 10/23/2014, 10/28/2014, 10/30/2014  we invite all children to our interesting holiday camp. Our holiday camp has an exciting program lasting several hours and includes expedition catering.




New Year’s Eve Party: New Year's Eve with tuxedos and tropical hats

We say goodbye to the year 2014 and welcome the coming year with a tropical spectacle. We will feast, dance and party...

More information about the New Year's Eve Party