Please book your tickets for certain time slots in advance in our online ticket system.

When buying online tickets, there is a pre-sale fee of 6% of the net final price. Visitors with pre-booked tickets have priority entry. The advance booking fee guarantees guaranteed admission during the booked time window as well as secure online payment.

  • Family tickets

    Family tickets

    • Family: 33,50 € 2 adult with up to 3 children (6-13 years old) or infants (3-5 years old)
    • Mini-Family: 22,00 € 1 adult with 2 children (6-13 years old) or infants (3-5 years old)
  • Group tickets

    Group tickets

    • Groups with 15 persons and more: 9,80 € per person (Please register your group in advance.)
    • Students (as part of school classes): 5,50 € per student 
    • Kindergarten groups: 3,50 € per child (independent from age)

    For one to 10 students/children one supervisory person receives free admission; for 20 or more students two supervisory persons receive free admission; for 30 or more students three supervisory persons receive free admission, etc.

    We offer special workshops and guided tours for students and groups!

    Offers for school classes

    Offers for groups

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