Kindergarten programs

Even the little ones can experience an exciting and educational day in the Biosphäre Potsdam. For kindergarten groups we offer special themed tours, adapted to the age. The focus of all programs is a playful transfer of knowledge on topics related to the tropical rainforest, the oceans and the importance of these habitats for us humans.

Our guided tours for day care groups

As of right now, our school programs are available in German only. It is possible to bring your own translator. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Prices for day care groups

Day admission for day care groups: € 3.50 per child (regardless of age)

Guided tours for day care groups: € 2.80 per child plus day admission

A supervisor is free to supervise up to 10 children; up to 20 children two supervisors are free; up to 30 children three supervisors etc.


If you’re interested in the school programs, please check the German website or call us 0049 331 550 74 0.

German website