FAQ // FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS // and their answers

Q:  When I’m at the Biosphere, am I inside or outside, or does it have indoor and outdoor areas?
A: The Biosphere is a huge tropical hall and all attractions, such as the butterfly house or the underwater world are integrated inside the Biosphere. Outdoor areas only exist as outdoor terraces in the Café Tropencamp or the Restaurant.

Q: Is a cloakroom available?
A: We have a cloakroom in our entrance area available for you. Checking your wardrobe is 0.50 € per piece.

Q: Is it possible to bring my dog to the Biosphere with me?
A: Due to the free running animals in the Biosphere it is not possible to bring your dog with you.

Q: Am I allowed to eat and drink in the tropical garden?
A: Eating in the exhibitions is generally forbidden because of hygienic reasons and the free running animals. You may take alcohol free drinks along with you. Apart from that, our gastronomic offers are available to you: the Café Tropencamp opens daily from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and on weekends from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. for you. Café Tropencamp offers drinks, ice-cream, coffee and cakes as well as little snacks. Our restaurant opens on weekends. For groups and according to prior agreement, we also open our restaurant on other dates.   

Q: Am I allowed to take pictures in the Biosphere?
A: Taking pictures and filming is generally allowed and welcome in our house. However, you may only take pictures of our animals without using a flash.

Q: Is the Biosphere accessible for people with disabilities?
A: Our house is completely barrier-free accessible. You can use our elevators and wide paths with wheel-chairs or baby carriages. Upon advance notice, we can offer guided tours in sign language. Wheel-chairs are available for our guests.

Q:For which age-groups is visiting the Biosphere suitable?
A: With its jungle landscape, the many free running animals and the changing exhibitions the Biosphere appeals to many different age-groups.
Children can have fun looking at the animals or drawing in our craft station, for children attending kindergarten or school our special exhibitions and permanent exhibitions are perfectly suitable.
Yet also adults can discover and experience lots of new things.
For pensioners we recommend visiting on Mondays:  For all visitors aged 60 and over the admission fee includes a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Q: Is it possible to visit the Biosphere with school classes?
A: The Biosphere is suitable as an extracurricular learning place for school children of all different age groups.

Q:  Is it possible to visit the Biosphere with children in kindergarten or in preschool?
A:  There is a lot to see and explore in the Biosphere for small researchers. Especially the adventure tour, where the children explore and learn to use all their senses, is recommended.

Q: Is it possible to celebrate a kid’s birthday party in the Biosphere?
A: Our special programs “treasure hunt” and “jungle adventure” promise fun for every kid’s birthday!

Q:  Does the Biosphere host corporate events, incentive trips or private parties?
A: If you plan festivities, you are perfectly right with the Biosphere. The three event locations Café Tropencamp, Restaurant and the event hall Orangerie offer space for different group sizes. The tropical garden awaits you with different possibilities for an incentive-trip. Our professional team of event managers will kindly assist you in planning, preparing and hosting your event.
Our tip: celebrate your wedding in the Biosphere!