our butterfly house

open daily


Nature is so colorful. Large and small butterflies fly through the air like fluttering colors. In our butterfly house, guests can marvel at butterflies from all over the world. Colors and shapes seem to have no limits. 50 to 80 animals of 10 to 20 species the house - Atlas moths, sky butterflies, malachite butterflies and the small ones are just a few of them. In addition to the free-flying animals, there are also showcases free of dolls and cocoons to discover.

During your visit in our butterfly house you can discover the different stages of the butterflys. From the tiny butterfly eggs to the voracious small and large caterpillars, and with a little luck you will experience the pupation of a caterpillar or the hatching of a butterfly. Simply fascinating!

Display boards and models also illustrate interesting facts about the animals. And our butterfly experts on site are always happy to answer your questions.


Get a 360 ° panoramic view of the butterfly house.

Impressions from our butterfly house