Accessibility in the Biosphere Potsdam

The Biosphere Potsdam offers a tropical experience with many highlights that can be experienced with all senses for all of our guests. The different parts of our exhibitions can be accessed without limitations by all our guests. Guests with disabilities can learn a lot of new things using the different interactive stations of our exhibitions. There are many things in the Biosphere Potsdam that cannot be discovered at first glance, therefore our guests can book themed guided tours and workshops.

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Here is a short summary:

Information for our guests with learning difficulties

    • People with learning diabilities enjoy visiting the Biophere.
    • Visits in the Biosphere Potsdam are fun.
    • You can move through the Biosphere all by yourself.
    • There are many signs.
    • There always is a contact person.
    • You can book guided tours.
    • Please sign up for this in advance.
    • In the Biosphere Potsdam you can watch animals.
    • There are many plants.
    • You can join in.
    • Touching, smelling, listening, watching.

      Information for our blind and visually impaired guests

      The tropical hall and the different exhibitions and offers can be experienced with many senses. You can feel different textures, smell flowers and spices, listen to the birds and the sounds of the rain forest.

      • Simple pictograms and signs with high contrast.
      • Information for blind guests, for example: flyers in Braille.
      • Guide dogs are allowed (only with previous registration).

      Information for deaf and hearing impaired guests

      The tropical world can be experienced with all senses, so visiting the Biosphere Potsdam is a unique experience for deaf and hearing impaired guests.

      • The Biosphere Potsdam offers a special app for iPhone that takes you on a guided tour through the house.
      • The app has a guided tour on video, where everything is explained in sign language.
      • At the same time the app also has acoustic information.
      • Technical terms are spelled.

      Information for guests with mobility disabilities

      The Biosphere Potsdam is a great destination for visitors with mobility disabilities.

      • The entire house is low-barrier.
      • There are three designated disabled parking spaces.
      • The premises and event locations of the Biosphere Potsdam are wheelchair accessible.
      • The main paths in the tropical hall are hard paths.
      • Elevators are available.
      • The guest restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
      • There is help for opening the entrance door.